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Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual Health Inventory For Men (SHIM) Warning!!! For men who have Diabetes, High blood pressure or Smoking, These can increase the risk of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Don’t be shy, our specialists are ready to help you…… For UROLOGY information click here Fill up the form considering your condition over the past 6 months:

Best Healthcare 2020

Best Healthcare 2020 Rankings. Thailand has the 35th best Healthcare system in the world according to Legatum Institute. Singapore ranked top with the best healthcare system in the world followed by Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and Norway. A UK based think tank Legatum Institute, that aims to bring people out of poverty. The institute is […]

Thailand Tourism

Thailand Coronavirus Self-Screening Online For Full Health Checkup Packages Click Here Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) has launched self-screening online for Coronavirus. On 14 February, 2020 TAT announced local and international tourists that an online self-screening for coronavirus disease has been launched for people who are suspected of being infected with the virus. Ministry of Public […]

Thailand Travel – Low Risk In 2020

Thailand Travel Thailand has been classified as carrying a ‘low travel security risk’ to visitors according to ATLAS & BOOTS. They showed data revealed in the latest global security risk report by International SOS. The Travel Risk Map is an interactive tool invented by security specialists at International SOS. Map shows Thailand Travel is low […]

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