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Introduction - Ibadah Medical Consultancy Thailand

Our background Story

We are Ibadah Medical Consultancy, A pure Medical consultancy and Medical Tourism company that cares about all of your healthcare needs with the taste of making holidays in the world class seaside holiday destination. Our business aimed to give you support and make a plan of your medical treatment in Thailand when you are out of ideas in your critical medical moments.

We have 15 years of experience working closely with hospitals and doctors in Thailand. We are well equipped with information of the most modern medications and treatments. We are expert in giving treatment plans from the experts to patients with rich list of best doctors in Thailand.

We give the patients 360 degree support while they are with us. We provide everything you need when you come to Thailand for treatment or tourism. We bring the Thailand hospitals near your door. Our care will give you the feeling that you are at your home. It will help you to take decision to  have your treatment in Thailand.

We are working with renowned healthcare service providers across Thailand who are dedicated to international quality and customer focused care.

When you need care that’s where we come in with a dedicated professional team, effective leadership and state-of-the-art technology where we maintain our standards through continuous service monitoring to provide the highest possible satisfaction to our customers.

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