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Thailand Tourism

Thailand Coronavirus Self-Screening Online

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Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) has launched self-screening online for Coronavirus. On 14 February, 2020 TAT announced local and international tourists that an online self-screening for coronavirus disease has been launched for people who are suspected of being infected with the virus.

Ministry of Public Health will monitor the online self-screening. Chiang Mai University, National Research Council of Thailand and Ministry of Public Health developed the Thailand Coronavirus self-screening online program.

The questions are available in 3 different languages. They are Thai, Chinese and English. The link of the website for self-screening is below


After finishing answering the questions the user will be classified as either “no risk”, “medium risk” or “high risk”. An expert recommendation will be provided with each of the categories in course of action.

Thailand Tourism

TAT would like to reiterate that:

  • Thailand has effective health surveillance systems for disease control.
  • The Thai public and private sectors across the nation have stepped up hygiene measures.
  • Thailand’s tourism and travel activities go on as usual.

To protect the tourists from the disease, the general public as well as local and international tourists are advised to comply with the Ministry of Public Health’s recommendation. They advised to eat cooked food, use a serving spoon, wash hands, wear a mask when visiting crowded places, and not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth.

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Thailand Tourism
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